Thursday, April 9, 2009

Neighbor Witnesses Worker Littering

The work continues on the alley way between Savannah and Frankfort from Kentucky east. The work continues and so does the littering.

About 7:20 a.m. this morning a neighbor watched as one of the workers littered the street with a 6 fluid ounce plastic bottle of Cacique Yonique Strawberry Banana Yogurt. First he threw the bottle cap on the ground and then the bottle after he had finished eating.

The pictures above show the contracted worker's (and litterer's) truck with the bottle underneath. Be on the alert for the litterer who drives this truck with Utah car tags:
The City of El Paso has often expressed that it cares about having a clean, litter-free environment. However, when it comes to supervising workers and contractors, the City of El Paso does not show that it values a clean environment. Instead, it perpetuates the culture of trash.
JAR Construction , Inc. is the principal City of El Paso hired contractor. Joey Rosales of JAR says:
"The truck pictured is not one of JAR Construction’s trucks. Our employees do not use their personal vehicles, they use the company owed vehicles with the JAR company logo on them. There are several other contractors doing work in that area. JAR has been in business for over 51 years and has a great reputation with the City of El Paso and has been a client of theirs for almost the same. It is our practice to follow safety procedures and respect the cleanliness of El Paso."
Streets Director, Daryl Cole, does not know who the truck belongs to.

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