Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scenic Sundays Return - This Time Year Round!

Newman Park Neighborhood Association stepped up to the plate and made it possible to have Scenic Sundays year-round. The event will resume this Sunday, April 19th from 6 to 11 a.m.

Representative Susie Byrd's proposal for District 2 to sponsor this very popular weekly recreational event had run into some roadblocks. First there was no budget for the event and City Manager Joyce Wilson had already asked departments to trim back their expenses. Byrd and her staff (Judy Gutierrez and Rene Leon) were able to get a donation of barricades from Apache Barricade. The Police Department will assign on-duty officers to monitor traffic. Parks and Recreation will not be involved in the event so their budget is unaffected. There are no real City expenses since the Newman Park Neighborhood Association volunteered to store and transport barricades.

The biggest hurdle had to do with liability. City Manager Joyce Wilson suggested that the event be city-sponsored so that it can be included as a rider under the City liability policy. Representative Byrd moved that the City sponsor the event and Representative Steve Ortega seconded it. The motion passed unanimously.

Shortly after the City Council adjourned, Rene Leon issued this press release from Representative Byrd's office:
The City of El Paso, along with the El Paso Police Department, Apache Barricade and the Newman Park Neighborhood Association, is happy to announce the launch of Scenic Sundays, an outdoor special event that allows El Pasoans to enjoy Scenic Drive free of vehicle traffic.

“Last year, Scenic Sundays brought out large crowds of people who walked, jogged and biked on Scenic Drive,” Rep. Susie Byrd said. “This year, we’re extending Scenic Sundays beyond the summer so that families can enjoy the beautiful route year-round.”

Beginning Sunday April 19, Scenic Drive will be closed to vehicle traffic from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. throughout Spring and Summer. In Fall and Winter, Scenic Drive will be closed from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Officers from the El Paso Police Department will be present throughout the event, and vehicles will be kept off of Scenic Drive with barricades donated by Apache Barricade.

As a partner in Scenic Sundays, the Newman Park Neighborhood Association has agreed to store and transport the barricades before and after the events.

“We want to encourage residents to be more active, and we think Scenic Sundays will give everyone a chance to get outdoors and enjoy the breathtaking views and beautiful weather that El Paso has to offer,” added Byrd.
Newman Park Neighborhood Association is proving to be a trend-setter in El Paso. After last week's successful Easter Egg Hunt and a successful launch of First Fridays, the Association has now helped to make it possible for El Pasoans to enjoy the recreational opportunity of Scenic Sundays all year round.

NPNA Board member, Becky Ayala, reports that: "Many people have told me that their neighborhood association is nothing like ours." Someone else emailed to say, "It's just really cool to live in the Newman Park area." Lisa Degliantoni of epmediagroup expressed her delight: "This little neighborhood situation is totally becoming my favorite thing about El Paso."


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District 2 has GREAT neighborhood associations. They are the best!

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