Thursday, April 30, 2009

Representative Byrd Responds to Disinformation Mailer from Build PAC of El Paso

A paid political advertisment was mailed to residents of District 2. It was paid for by Build PAC of El Paso, 6046 Surrey Drive, El Paso, TX 79905. The slick, laminated piece sported a grackle on the front with the words: "It's time for Susie Byrd to fly away!"

Representative Byrd emailed El Paso media and attached a copy of the flyer along with her letter to the PAC. She wrote:

Dear media:
Please see attached. I just sent this to the Build PAC asking them to correct the misinformation and to sign the Code of Fair Campaign Practices.

Just like with the Apartment Association, this appears to be a last ditch effort by the Bowlings to misinform voters and get them to vote against their interests. Bobby Bowling was leading the Apartment Association effort. They had no money as of the April 9 filing but now they have money enough to do city wide mailing and purchase yard signs. Gregory Bowling is the treasure of Build PAC. I spoke with Amy Shoemaker (who sits on the PAC) yesterday and she said that the PAC had officially voted to stay out of the races. She was surprised by the mailer.

Here is her letter to Build PAC in full. Click on each page to enlarge:

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