Thursday, September 3, 2009

Citizens’ Commission on Best Practices in Government

200 people attending the first forum of the Citizen's Commission on Best Practices in Government is a very good start. If you are just learning about this group, check out their web site. You may especially want to watch their video. It just takes a few minutes to do so.

David Crowder's story in the Newspaper Tree about last evening's forum is well worth the read.

If any of you attended, it would be great to get your comments.

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Cheryl said...

First, kudos to all whose work made it possible, to include the organizers, EPCC's IMS (audio) and the facilitators at each table. Very well run event!

I really enjoyed the sheer variety in the speakers, their talks were not long, were well presented and I learned some things I didn't know, especially from the gentleman from the FBI. He had several good points, including the one about the FBI being from 'outside' and so not nearly as vulnerable to retaliation as internal organizations are.

I also liked the table discussions, although our table struggled a little initially as people laid their concerns on the table. At our table was an architect who had concerns about the bidding processes, a citizen concerned about bribes, another who was concerned about local nepotism/hiring practices, two who were frustrated trying to find help with encroachment between neighbors, two of us from the college, and two others who were interested in the topic.

Each table came up with questions and written on cards. These cards were handed in, grouped by subject and then one or more from a subject were read. This prevented grandstanding/mike hogging and kept the session moving smoothly and in a positive direction.

Even though the subject could easily have become a downer and complaint-fest, I can honestly say that's not how it felt to me at all. The overwhelming theme and take-away message was that something can be done and each of us can contribute to making it healthier.

I am glad I went. I was surprised at the large turnout and join the organizers in being delighted that so many showed up. I bet that next time they will bring more cookies!