Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where Is the Standing Push-up Exercise Station?

Board Vice-President, Becky Friesenhahn makes a suggestion to City engineers

Board members, Becky Friesenhahn and Jim Tolbert, met with City engineers and the contractor who did the park improvements today. Still at issue are some slabs whose corners jut out dangerously for lack of enough sod and soil and an exercise station that is not what the Association ordered.

It was originally agreed that concrete slabs would only be placed around those tables that needed to be ADA compliant. The other tables would be placed directly onto the turf using buried concrete pillars. Parks and Recreation changed the order to make it easier for their mowers. The change was made without consultation with Association representatives. Many of those slabs have sharp concrete corners because the turf is not raised high enough around them. One board member mentioned concern that the City is putting itself at risk if some should be injured on the exposed corners.

One of the exercise stations ordered was a Standing Push-up Station. It was not among the stations installed.

Has anyone seen the Standing Push-up Station?

Prior to the beginning of work on the park, Association board members, Jim Tolbert and Becky Friesenhahn, requested the City to let them go over the orders before starting actual work. Repeatedly after the work was done, the same board members asked the City to let them be part of any inspection with the contractor. City officials continued to reply in emails that non-City officials checking an order and doing a punch list was not standard practice. Wouldn't it have been much easier and saved much money and time had the Association requests been granted in the first place? The mission statement of the Association includes "care and attention to the park". Although the park improvements as a whole are the rave of the neighborhood, more care and attention must be done.

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