Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lender Retains McKee Home

Board President, Lynn Coyle, and member, Lisa Degliantoni watch as the McKee Home is auctioned

The McKee home went on public auction this morning and the lender, GMAC, bought it. Newman Park Neighborhood Association President and attorney, Lynn Coyle, expressed that the sale was exactly what the Association wanted. "We can now work with them," she said.

The Association's goal of finding "a good, long-term owner for the house - a person or family or an organization which will restore the house to its original beauty, preserve its historical integrity, and be an active, caring neighbor" is closer to becoming reality. The fear that a private individual or entity might have bought the home just to sit on is now gone. The Association can work directly with GMAC through its attorney.


Bobby Byrd said...

Good news! And good photo of Lynn ready to do battle for the hood. We all deserve some Papa Burgers in celebration.

Anonymous said...

I am a representative from the bank and we hope to work together with your community to find the right buyer for this historic monument. We are excited to assist in bringing it back to its magnificent glory.