Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Inventive Piña Brothers to Upscale Piedras Quality Food Mart

It was announced this past July that El Paso's Piña brothers (Mike, Oscar and Armando) had bought the five Quality Food Marts in El Paso including the one at 3116 N. Piedras. The brothers have already opened successful upscale Hispanic grocery stores including Vista Central Market on East El Paso's Zaragosa Road.

Officials from nearby Price's Dairy say that the new ownership will be good for the neighborhood. "These brothers are really inventive and interesting."

Tortillerias, bakeries, meat markets and Mexican delicatessens are part of the signature design that the Piñas bring to their stores.

Reporting about her first visit to the Zaragosa store, Newspaper Tree reporter, Elizabeth Ruiz wrote:

". . . standout aspects of the family-run supermarkets . . . include its panaderia, tortilleria, a build-your-own-burrito stand and aguas frescas sold in-store. The prodcuts include standard grocery store fare, some Mexican products, and locally made products, such as asadero cheese from the local Lincon Dairy. After I made a go-around in the Ikea-like maze of colorific shopping, I got a glass of horchata and a burrito with papas con chile verde. The tortillas used for the burritos are made several feet away in the tortilleria."
Plans are to remodel one store at a time and rename each Vista Quality Market. A wider-open look at the Piedras store has already replaced the once dark and crowded shelves.


Bobby Byrd said...

Sweet. As long as they continue to sell Schlitz Beer and good brisket while adding some good bottles of red wine and hire young folks from the neighborhood, I'll be a fan. Thanks for keeping us posted, Jim.

Anonymous said...

and some organic produce would be nice.