Saturday, September 15, 2012

El Paso Triple A Baseball Facts

Below is an El Paso Triple A Baseball Fact Sheet followed by a note from City Council Representative Steve Ortega. You can also read the City's Fact Sheet

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"I am asking for your help on behalf of our community. 

"Over the last decade, El Paso has made huge strides in becoming a great American city.  To contrast, at the close of the last century El Paso was a national leader in out-migration ("brain drain"), a national leader in low-wages (59% of the nat'l average), and a leader in the exportation of talent and capital (eg., loss of El Paso Gas headquarters, loss of 3rd Armored Cavalry, Court of Inquiry asked why El Paso was at the bottom end of TxDOT funding).  Political leadership did not believe in El Paso, business leadership did not believe in El Paso, and it's fair to say - El Paso did not believe in El Paso. 

"Since that time, El Paso’s experienced renaissance.  Our community has decided to rebrand El Paso from a place that expects mediocrity to a community on a quest for excellence.  Ten accomplishments over the last decade are the following: 

·         *  establishment of the Texas Tech Paul Foster School of Medicine;
·         *  creation of the Medical Center of the Americas;
·        *   UTEP’s strides toward tier one status;
·         *  the opening of the largest inland desalination plant in the world;
·         *  tremendous transportation strides (i.e., completion of the loop, introduction of the Rapid  
         Transit System, reintroduction of the trolleys);
·         *  over $250 million of public and private investment in downtown;
·         *  creation of first-class signature downtown festivals (i.e., Plaza Classic Film Fest, Neon Desert, Chalk the Block);
·         *  the building of The El Paso Children's Hospital;
·         *  creation of the Texas Tech Gayle Hunt School of Nursing;
·         *  unprecedented investment at Ft. Bliss; and
·         *  the reopening of the Plaza Theatre;

"It’s fair to say that no project above – alone and on its own – is responsible for El Paso’s renewed resurgence.  But, collectively, there is no doubt that they are responsible for the optimism that exists in our community today. 

"On Tuesday, we have the chance to add to the list above and continue El Paso’s march to greatness.  To be clear, Triple A baseball is not the magic ladder to El Paso’s prosperity, but it is an additional step on that ladder that gets us closer to the community that we deserve. 

"The local naysayers have been vocal – just like they were during the debate regarding the children’s hospital, the Plaza Theatre, and downtown revitalization.  The question is: Will the El Pasoans who believe in El Paso stand up this Tuesday at city hall to have their voices heard and support the business leadership (that is giving baseball profits to local charity!!!) and political leadership that are standing up for our community?   

"Please show up this Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. at city hall to show your support for baseball and - more importantly - for our community’s future."


"P.S.  Also, this Monday at Cleveland Square Park [Map] from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. there will be a Play Ball Rally to support El Paso in its quest for triple a baseball."

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