Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little Free Library at Newman Park?

Lee Byrd discusses a Little Free Library box created at Cinco Puntos Press. Click image to enlarge.

A recent neighborhood e-letter¡Hola Vecinos!©, discussed the hot national trend of Little Free Library boxes that are placed in parks, at schools and in neighborhoods where people can leave a book for someone else and pick-up a book to read. 

Newman Park Neighborhood Association board member, Jim Tolbert, asked that putting a box at Newman Park be considered at the next board meeting on September 13th. Since that meeting comes after the next City Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting, Tolbert (also a member of PRAB) asked that the Parks Department approve such a box for Newman Park. Jim will relate board member responses which have all been positive so far. 

NPNA board member, Lisa Garibay, even said that she would be happy to stock the box initially with books from her own home as well as watch over it, the quality of its contents, and its overall maintenance. "I have been super excited about the Little Free Library concept for a while," Garibay said. "Let's do this!"

Others are saying "Ditto". 

Past board member and Treasurer, Lee Byrd, sent this message: "Cinco Puntos already has a free library painted and ready to go. It would be great at the park. Lisa Lopez [the local school librarian spearheading the Free Library here in El Paso  ] brought us one and we painted it bright colors but could not quite figure out where to put it."

Newman Park?

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