Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lion Star Blogger Tells City to Fix Parks & Rec PR Issue

Today there has been a strong reaction from the blogosphere (the digital media) to Wayne Thornton's slander of elpasonaturally:

"The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia: Dear City Officials - Fix Parks & Rec PR Issue: Whenever I feel strongly about an issue having to do with the city, I usually pick of the phone and call the offices of almost every city re..."

Thank you, Brother Jaime! I particularly liked this comment of yours: "I don't know about other bloggers in town because I haven't aske, but Iam onmost media lists in town despite the fact that I am not a journalist. They understand the interface we have with the community." [Emphasis is mine.]

I also loved this comment: "Sorry Wayne, you don't get to decide who is and who isn't media. Your title as I understand it is Public Relations Director. It's not Director of Communications with Whoever-The Hell-You-Arbitrarily-Decide-is-Media." I love to give 'em hell - but I can't give it like this.

A hat tip also to David K. over at Refuse the Juice who posted this on 9/21: http://refusethejuice.typepad.com/thinkaboutit/2012/09/a-blog-post-you-should-read-react-to.html

Mr. Thornton did deign to put me on his official "press" list for press releases. He joins others at City Hall who had never had such problems with the "interface [that I have] with the community": Neighborhood Services, Economic Development, Planning, several City Representatives. What is disgusting is that he had to be forced to do so. 

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