Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Slide Completes Work on Playground Repairs

Newman Park now has a new slide. You may remember that two of the slides had to be removed because of damage. (A third one was subsequently removed and replaced along with one other almost immediately after the damage was discovered.) Finding a replacement for the spiral slide was not easy.

This particular playground system, the spiral slide and associated parts are no longer made because of its age. The The City's General Services Department had to find an alternative. (Machining a new part was not an option because of safety standards.)

Thanks to General Services Director, Stuart Ed, an acceptable slide and associated parts were located as well as a Certified Playground Installer since the usual contractor would not have been available until November.

Mom, Cindy Montes-Bustamante, was thrilled when she heard about the installation. "Wait until my daughter sees it this afternoon!" she exclaimed. Cindy and her daughter were instrumental in requesting that the installation of a new slide be expedited.

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