Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Letter to the PSB

February 16, 2009

Ruben Guerra, Chair
Public Service Board
P.O. Box 511
El Paso, TX 79961-0001

RE: Mayfield Wildscape

Dear Mr. Guerra:

A very beautiful natural feature of our neighborhood is the Mayfield “Wildscape”. It is located at the end of Memphis, Frankfort and Savannah avenues and sits below Mayfield Terrace, a street that borders the Franklin Mountains.

For almost twenty years, several neighbors have tended to this “park”. They have kept it clear of debris and even painted rock signs identifying different plants. It is home to several species of birds. Foxes frequent it and even the Franklin Mountain female cougar has been spotted there.

Recently, utility work was contracted by the City. Workers carelessly damaged much of the brush and some of the trees. They littered the area with their spent lunch materials and water bottles. We reported this problem to City Manager, Joyce Wilson, who immediately saw to its cleaning and reparation by the City Streets Department. Three new Desert Willows were planted.

Our wildscape is currently zoned as a median. Parks and Recreation declined oversight.

Currently there are a number of lines drawn showing where water lines run through the Mayfield Wildscape. We are concerned that work may be done on it that will further damage this lovely natural area. We do understand that there is always the possibility that you will need to do something with the existing water lines. However, can any work ever done there be done in such a manner as to minimize damage to the wildscape and would you help us restore the natural setting in the event that you have to work there?

We are aware that PSB values open space and that it has helped to preserve much of the natural environment around the City. Would you please work with us in preserving this beautiful natural open space referred to by neighbors as the Mayfield Wildscape? Representatives of our Neighborhood Association would be more than glad to meet your representatives at the site and show you just what we mean.


Susie Byrd
District 2 Representative

On behalf of
Lynn Coyle, President, Newman Park Neighborhood Association
Jim Tolbert, Secretary, Newman Park Neighborhood Association

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