Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stormwater, Susie Byrd and Gender Issues

Newmanistas (and everyone else out there):

First of all, read David Karlsruher's tongue-in-cheek open letter to the opponents of the PSB published today at the Newspaper Tree. David has sized up the stormwater issue better than anyone. Besides, he may be the funniest guy in El Paso. His writing is pure entertainment.

Be sure also to visit Susie Byrd's blog. She has several new entries including some words about the closing of Asarco. Be sure to vote in her poll: "Should the City of El Paso take over management of Ascarate Park from the County?"

The City Council accepted the proposal by Parks and Recreation to keep the status quo when it comes to prohibiting girls from playing on competitive boys teams even when we are just talking about pre-puberty boys and girls. Susie also moved to ask our Parks representatives at TAAF and AAU to advocate for a change in policy. That motion failed. I spoke to the issue and said that we should advocate for the change. It helps everyone when there are new opportunities. Alas, all words fell on deaf ears.

One final point that I made when addressing Council was this: although Council has gender balance, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board does not. Out of 19 spots on that bulky board, only two are held by women! Shouldn't all City of El Paso Boards and Commissions have a gender balance? Shouldn't this be the policy that Council sets?

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