Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rock Moles at Work

The McKee Mansion is again under assault even though the City has boarded and secured the property.

There is an arched gateway to the alley behind the house. The gate was previously removed by vandals and thrown into the swimming pool. Thick plywood now covers the gateway. However, someone is slowly digging through the rock wall way where it meets the arch. I have watched for three days now and seen new rocks removed from the wall each day.

One neighbor who lives directly across the alleyway was asked if he cared to keep an eye on the gateway. He disgustingly replied that he was washing his hands clean of happenings at the Mansion. On a number of occasions he had called the police to report people trespassing onto the property only to have the police show up 2 hours later!

Reportedly, someone at the City is looking into this newest damage. The NPNA Save the McKee Home Committee has also identified banks and attorneys involved with the home. The City, of course, will bill the financial institution for the work done on the property. However, the City seems to be balking at doing any more work because of the expenses they have already accrued.

Meanwhile, rock moles continue to work night after night.

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