Friday, February 27, 2009

PSB Responds to Concerns about the Mayfield Wildscape

I just finished publishing the entry below about the quick response of the PSB to the trash accumulating in nearby detention ponds. Now comes this response to our letter from Representative Byrd's office about the Mayfield Wildscape:

"Thank you for your letter of February 16,2009 concerning the preservation of the landscape. You are correct that we very much value open space and will work closely with you and the neighborhood association to make that happen.

I have discussed this with John Balliew and Nick Costanzo, and if you wish, John is willing to meet with representatives of the association at the site to make sure we adhere to the concerns. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and the neighborhood is to be commended for taking care of this important resource."

It is signed "Edmund G. Archuleta, P.E./President/CEO.

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