Saturday, February 7, 2009

McKee Mansion: Board, Secure, Clean and Bill the Bank

Today the City of El Paso Streets Department did extensive work at the McKee Mansion. Since the property has now been condemned, the City has moved forward to board and secure. Extensive cleaning of the grounds occurred earlier today. The cleaning included moving piles of bricks to the locked garage. Bricks had been used by vandals to break out windows. The windows and doors on the first two floors of the home have been boarded.

The pool has been drained and workers today covered it with plywood over two by four framing.

In recent days, the house was vandalized anew first by teens from Northeast El Paso and more recently by three thirteen-year olds.

The City will bill a bank in Pennsylvania that holds the note for the work performed today.

The Newman Park Neighborhood Association board has formed a committee to Save the McKee Home and members of that board (including non-board member neighbors) are implementing a plan to find a good owner for the house.


Anonymous said...

Lets make the "OLD HOME" into a library, It could be a money maker for the city.

Anonymous said...

My mother is looking into buying the home.